West Virginia Barber License

West Virginia Barber License

To qualify for a West Virginia Barber License, you need to meet the expectations of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists. Later, you have to submit the required documents and pass the exam. Generally, requirements vary from county to county. However, there are some basic ones that are common for all the counties. Let’s check them out.

West Virginia Barber License Requirements

To become a certified expert in WV you should follow the steps below:

  • Contact a Board-approved school
  • Go over the financial payment and aid plans with the schools
  • Obtain a Certificate of Health form provided by an authorized physician
  • Fill in Student Registration Form
  • Complete the necessary courses and hours of training
  • Pass the two types of examinations.


Unlike Alabama, which doesn’t require a special permit, WV residents should qualify for it. One of the most essential points is the training. It is essential that your college provide you with 1,200 hours of theoretical and practical training. Within those conditions, the officially specified hours include these categories;

  • General Information – 100 hrs.
  • Introduction– 3 hrs.
  • Science of Barbering – 350 hrs.
  • Professional hairdressing– 747 hrs.

To be registered as a student, you must:

  • Submit a registration form
  • Duplicate your high school diploma or GED
  • Copy of your social security card
  • Recent passport-sized photograph
  • Government-issued ID
  • TB test and health certification
  • The registration fee is $25.00.


After you finish the course you’ll be ready to apply for the tests. In West Virginia, the state’s test vendor is D.L. Roope Administrations. For that, you can do the application process using your school-supplied forms. Or you can submit an online version of the application. You have to take both written and practical assessments. The fee is $99. Once you submit your application, you’ll receive information on the dates of taking the exams.


After passing the tests, you shall be able to submit your final application. An initial certificate costs $35.00.

Once the council receives and approves your request, they’ll issue you the initial certificate, which you would need to have verified.

West Virginia Barber License Renewal

You need to renew your permit each January 1st. As the renewal date approaches, the regulatory administration will notify you about it. In addition, it is required for you to have 4 hours of continuing education courses. Continuing education will make sure you stay current on new styles and products. Similarly, you have to make a $35.00 payment for the extension.

License transfer to West Virginia

Transfer of your license (also known as Reciprocity) from another state to WV requires documentation. Firstly, to be able to make the transfer, you should register for the Law assessment through D.L. Roope Administrations.

Secondly, contact the committee where you hold a valid document. To do that you have to request certification and verification of your training. They should be sent from the council’s office to the WV committee. In some places, it may take up to 4-6 weeks to process your request.

To learn more about the process please visit the official website of the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists. There you can find up-to-date information.

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