West Virginia Plumbing License

West Virginia Plumbing License

To receive a West Virginia plumbing license, you have to pass a written exam. Therefore, you need to present the completion of the minimum mandatory fieldwork hours.

In addition, the WV law does not allow you to work on your own. This means that it is illegal to do a plumber job without this certification.

How to get the certification?

Currently, the WV Division of Labor issues the certificates throughout the state. For your information, this is the agency that is responsible for the issuance and renewal in the state. It is preferable to apply in person when you need to change your name or address. It is also possible to contact the agency to get a replacement.

To obtain one, all applicants have to follow the requirements and classifications that are necessary to be certified. In fact, you ought to complete courses and pass the necessary testing. Besides that, you need to fill in an application form for any of these certifications.


A journeyman is an individual who is authorized to work as a plumber. This person should be capable of instructing and supervising the tradesman’s job in training.

Each person who has this job ought to possess it. They are not included under the business owner’s certification.

The specific qualification requirements are somewhat varied. According to some sources, the standard proof of activity for hours requirements could be submitted in the form of a variety of documents. This might include payment vouchers or records from customers.

The examination

First things first, all applicants should fill in the necessary blank form. After that, they must submit it together with the proper documentation proving their job history. Make sure you pay the required fees as well. For the application process, you should pay $75. Please note that exams are a must for both journeymen and masters.

Plumber In Training

In this case, the individual is interested in a capability for performing this job. But also he is not able to do this job alone.

In addition, West Virginia law gives you the possibility to complete your introductory training online. After this course, you have the right to do an apprenticeship in this field. In fact, you can find programs available on different campuses.

These also include some training held by Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA). Some institutions offer financial aid to cover the cost of your classes and any necessary supplies or tools.


A Master plumber is a person who is entitled to design plumbing systems, instruct and supervise the practice of journeyman plumbers and those in training.

These applicants must certify their practice. Then, they should take a written examination as well. In addition, a journeyman certificate gives you supervision among others.

How can I get my first apprenticeship?

Usually, you should attend school before applying for an apprenticeship. For the requirements needed, you can check with some specialized unions to have more information about available internships.

For internships, you are generally asked to complete an application. Then, you have an interview with authorized masters. You will probably discuss the program and your background knowledge.


WV has limited reciprocity agreements with certain states that may allow an applicant to skip the exams.

In this case, the only exception is Ohio. However, Ohio residents with a state-issued license are able to get a waiver for both exams, since this agreement covers the trade and business/law components of the testing.

Additional Information

After all, you will receive an authentication card. It shows the expiration date. Up to 45 days before the expiration date the agency mails you a renewal card. The renewal costs $75 in West Virginia.

By the way, the West Virginia plumbing license is not valid in any other state. Here, you also ought to have insurance. It will protect you from unprecedented incidents and damages.

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