West Virginia License Plate Lookup

West Virginia License Plate Lookup

If you have recently moved to West Virginia or have bought a new car, pass all lawful procedures and register your vehicle. The West Virginia license plate lookup will lead you to the correct phases of registration.

How to get a West Virginia license plate?

The West Virginia Department of Transportation handles all licensures in the state of West Virginia. Along with registration, your vehicles should also get a title. These two are mandatory for any type of motor vehicle including cars, motorcycles, trailers, semi-trailers, campers, etc.

You must register your vehicle within 30 days of residency. To start registering your car, visit your local DMV office and complete the necessary paperwork. You will need to pay $51.50 for the registration itself. There is also a $10 lien cost and a $15 fee for the car title.

Your car should have been registered under your name. It will get the same title as the out-of-state one.

In case you have just bought a new car from a private seller, you must fill in the title transfer. In this way, you propose a new car registration and license plates on your own. Visit your local DMV office with the following documents:

  • A check with the buying price of your car.
  • Completed application for Certificate of Title
  • An odometer certificate (if possible)
  • Proof of out-of-state sales tax

The titling is not possible if you are still paying credits for your car. Once you finish your payments, a title certificate will be sent by mail. Still, you should pay some extra fee to take out the lienholder’s name from the title.

Registration of used cars

If you have bought a used car, the procedure of application includes providing the given documents:

  • Your full name and home address
  • The title signed by you and the previous possessor.
  • Odometer records (if the car is under 10 years)
  • Sales check, with the Notary stamp or the DMV sales check (if the car’s price was less than 50% of the current value)
  • A copy of your and the dealer’s driver’s license
  • Completed Application for Certificate of Title
  • A WV car insurance certificate
  • Sates tax and title fee payments

Once you successfully register, you will receive a registration card and a license plate. The documents together with the insurance proof should be kept in your car all the time.

West Virginia Vehicle Insurance

The WV Department of Transportation demands that all vehicles have liability insurance. All types of vehicles, except for the R, C, and T classes, are under the insurance policy.

To complete insurance registration, you will need to provide:

  • Policy number
  • Your VIN
  • A copy of the personal ownership tax check
  • NAIC Number
  • Personal property tax receipt or an Affidavit of Assessor (DMV-178-TR) from the County Assessor
  • Payment receipts for the previous tax year for one-year or two-year registrations

Take notes to include a fee of $1.50 for the insurance application.

License plate number: detailed information about your car

The license plate number gives many opportunities to check any type of information. If you want to buy a car from a private dealer, you can enter the license plate number on a search engine. Then, just wait for the results. Having background information prevents any illegal actions by a private dealer.

If your DMV plate lookup results include red checkpoints, be attentive. That means that there are problems either with the vehicle state or with the car title. The title gives information about the real owner of the car. Now, title forgeries are common in the US. They are as common as odometer frauds. Fortunately, license plate number search prevents such forgeries.

If you have the VIN code, it will provide a broader scope of results. It includes information about any repair work. Data on whether the car has been captured is also available. VIN search provides odometer records, the car type, technical details about the engine as well. Yet, personal information about the car owner is not provided. That is because the legislature protects this information.

The WV license plate search also reveals whether cars have been used in public services or not. Red checkpoints will appear if the answer is positive. They also mention any mortgage contract the car has been in.

Finally, the DMV license plate lookup provides information on accident history. The previous inspection date is also available. It is to pledge the safety of driving.

Renewal of License Plates in WV

If your current license plate has expired, renew it within the given time frame. The renewal, as well as registration processes, are handled by the Department of Transportation. It sends a renewal notice 30 days before the expiration day. Make sure you have provided your current address. Otherwise, you will not get your renewal notification. Still, if you do not get it, you can complete the process by providing the car’s old registration card. The owner’s statement of insurance, as well as your ownership tax check, are also applicable.

You can renew your license plate in person or by mail. To renew personally, visit your local DMV office. The regional County Sheriff’s office is also available for a personal registry. Submit the following documents:

  • Your ownership tax check
  • Your expiring registration card (if a renewal notice is not available)
  • A completed Registration Renewal Notice (DMV-44-TR).
  • Necessary renewal fees

If you want to renew your license plates by mail, send the following documents:

  • A completed Registration Renewal Notice (DMV-44-TR)
  • Your ownership tax check
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Your expiring registration card (if renewal notice is not available)
  • Necessary renewal fees

Send these documents in a stamped wrapper to the address of the DMV office. If your license plate is about to expire within 60 days and you want to transfer it to a newly bought car, take these steps. Ask your seller to pay the fees for registration renewal and transfer. Also, provide your ownership tax check and insurance certificate. It will let you transfer and renew your plate simultaneously.

License Plate Fees

You can pay replacement and renewal fees by mail via money order or check. If you are paying in person, use a Credit card, money order, check, or cash.

The cost of your license plate renewal fee is related to the period you want to choose.

  • Two-year renewal costs $103
  • One-year renewal costs $51.50
  • A duplicate license plate costs $10.50.
  • Duplicate registration or license plate sticker costs $10

Replacement of damaged, stolen, or lost tags

The renewal of a license plate and its replacement are different procedures. You renew your car when the license plates become out of date. However, replacement is applicable when you lose or damage your tag. In case of being stolen, you must visit the local police office and inform them about the incident. After completing a police record, visit a WV DMV office and inform them about the case.

The replacement is available in person, online, or by mail. To replace your license plate online, visit your local DMV office

  • Submit your name
  • Find the application form
  • Complete vehicle information and your contacts
  • Pay the fees

In-person replacement

If you want to renew your license plate or get the stickers personally, visit your local DMV office. Complete an application form and pay the fees.

Replacement by mail

To complete the renewal process by mail, do as follows:

  • Complete an Application for Duplicate Registration Card, Decal, or Plate & Change of Address
  • Pay the appropriate fees and get the check for it
  • Put everything in a stamped wrapper and send it to the given address

What does a West Virginia license plate look like?

A West Virginia license plate has blue letters on a white background. You get these types of plates once you register your car. Still, if you order personalized, disability, or specialty tags, the appearance of the plate differs.

Types of license plates in West Virginia

There are several types of license plates apart from standard tags. They are

  • Specialty
  • Personalized
  • Temporary
  • Disability

You must register and title your car before applying to get any of these special tags.

Specialty license plates

The Department of Transportation issues more than two hundred special interest license tags. These tags are designed to support companies, foundations, college scholarships, etc.

Disability License Plates

People with physical drawbacks can apply for disability license plates in West Virginia. These plates let owners in special areas. In addition, a medical certificate is necessary.

Temporary License Plates

Regional DMV offices provide temporary plates for unregistered cars. These types of plates are valid for a month. Within this period, you can legally drive in the state. However, take notes to register your vehicle before the temporary tags expire. That will avoid any type of prosecution.

Personalized tags

If you want to order a personalized license plate for your vehicle, take these steps. Firstly, go to the official website of the DMV page. Secondly, choose your future tag style from the available variants. If it is available, continue registering. Thirdly, fill in the application form by submitting your data. Lastly, complete information about your car’s title, plate, and VIN. Add information about car insurance.

Finally, inform the department what you are going to write on your plate. Avoid words and expressions, including vulgarity, discrimination, and insults. Otherwise, they will be rejected. Pay the annual fee ($45), sign and date your application and send it to the West Virginia DMV office.

The WVDMV may reject your application for vanity plates, check our banned West Virginia license plates page for more details.

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